#5: Contractions 


Poetry by Caitlín Doherty and Ed Luker
Art essay by Thomas Dylan Eaton
Fiction by Max Schaefer  

Perspectives #5: Contractions 
by the Salvage Editorial Collective
Pitfalls, politics and the parameters of potentiality. Combined and uneven hope in conditions of belated polarisation.

Making and Getting Made: Towards a Cyborg Transfeminism
by Sølvi Goard
Tussles and liberation in the doing and undoing of gender.   

One thinge that overthroweth all that were graunted before: On Being Presidential
by China Miéville
The reactionary spite attendant on, and imperial angst disavowed in, liberal distaste for the vulgarity of the Commander in Chief.  

Salvaging the Dormant
by Sarah Grey
Resistance and oppression, memory and death, language and power and its discontents.  

Behemoth and Leviathan: The Fascist Bestiary of the Alt-Right
by Harrison Fluss and Landon Frim
Towards a monster manual. Outlining the new and not-so-new mooncalves and their enemy animal spirits.

L’autonomie s’organise
by Valerio Starita
Getting organised in the tide of spite: new movement against state sadism in France.

‘With or Without You’: Naturalising Migrants and the Never-Ending Tragedy of Liberalism
by Maïa Pal
Categorising insides and outsides, limning the violence of borders.

Thirteen Reflections of Golden Don in the Hall of Mirrors
by Jordy Cummings
Liquid dreaming in and of a bad dream-age, the realisation of a -real and its avatar too hyper- for any of our good. 

Not: Marxism as ‘Organised Sarcasm’
by Richard Seymour

Yeah. Whatever.

A Place to Call Home
by Andrea Gibbons
Reading signs in an ashscape, the scorched earth of the value-form. 

‘What we believe in waits latent forever through all the continents’: The Paris Commune and the Poetics of Martyrdom in the Fin de Siecle Socialist Print Culture
by Owen Holland
Aesthetics, memory, resilience, death, hope and journalism.

A Free Zone Unlike Any Other
by Pearl Ahrens
Autonomy and location beyond a state, the valences and contradictions of exceptionality.

Pizza Hermeneutics: Living Before Truth
by Sam Kriss
Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean mozzarella is just cheese.

Melancholy Images, from Left Wing Melancholia: Marxism, History and Memory
by Enzo Traverso

From Issue 5

A Free Zone Unlike Any Other

A Free Zone Unlike Any Other

A French hamlet is being threatened by a multinational company’s plans for an airport. The eviction is being carried out by thousands of police officers and soldiers. Is it bizarre for the French state to deploy its army and police force against its own citizens to...

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

A place to call home. A simple thing. Labour once had a vision, housing for everyone, though what makes a home is perhaps not so simple. As Kim Dovey writes, home is deeply intertwined with our identity. It centres the relationship between ourselves and the earth,...

Not: Marxism as ‘Organised Sarcasm’

Not: Marxism as ‘Organised Sarcasm’

Women, children, and revolutionaries hate irony. —Joseph Conrad     I. Gramsci is supposed to have claimed, in one of his recondite quips, that Marxism is ‘organised sarcasm’[1]. There is something terribly appealing about the idea of sarcasm, red in tooth...

Salvaging the Dormant: On Language

Salvaging the Dormant: On Language

‘Tamil will die a slow death The languages of the West will triumph in this world.’ So says the simpleton; Alas! what an accusation! —Subramania Bharati     I. We live among the ghosts of languages. Here in Philadelphia, the streets are named for and in...

L’autonomie s’organise

L’autonomie s’organise

A note on the text[1]: The piece that follows was originally given as a talk at the event ‘L’autonomie s’organise’ (autonomy gets organised) organised by Penser l’émancipation at the Bourse du travail in Saint- Denis, France, 2 March 2017. Other speakers were Morgane...