#10: The Disorder of the Future

Perspectives 10: The Disorder of the Future
by Salvage Editorial Collective

Lydda Junction
by Francesco Anselmetti 

The Ground Under Our Feet
by Marianela D’Aprile

Art by Jesse Darling 

Brexit from Above: British Capital and the Tensions in Global Capital Accumulation 
by Gary Howe 

Fiction by Helen Mackreath 

Brexit from Below: Nation, Race and Class 
by Jonas Marvin

Decolonisation and its Discontents: Rethinking the Cycle of National Liberation 
by Kevin Ochieng Okoth 

Disrupting the Flow of Normalisation: Confronting the Infrastructural Terrain of Gulf-Israel Relations
by Sharri Plonski 

The Modern Monetary Trick
by Michael Roberts 

The Year of Prophetic Desire
by Richard Seymour

Regrets and Joys: The Temporality of Transgender Experience
by Joseph Tomaras 

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