Salvage welcomes submissions of essays, visual art and fiction. All submissions should be sent to: submissions[at]

Salvage encourages original essay submissions of up to 4,000 words. Essays appear first in print, and later on our website.

Salvage does not accept poetry submissions.

Salvage encourages playful, polemical and provocative writing, rather than the drier, cautious voice of much academic prose. Any necessary bibliographic references should be incorporated into the text.

Salvage only publishes fiction in print. Shorter pieces are more likely to be accepted.

Salvage offers payment to all our print contributors as a matter of principle. Our current rate is £150/$200 per print contributor.

Salvage encourages visual art submissions – representational, conceptual, photographic, or of any other kind – by radical artists at all levels in their fields and stages of their work.

Salvage encourage submissions from socialists, feminists, communists, anarchists, abolitionists, queer theorists, liberation theologians (of any faith tradition), and anyone committed to building a habitable left culture.