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Towards the Proletarocene: Salvage Relaunched

by | November 8, 2019

Salvage is – still – a journal of revolutionary arts and letters. 

‘Hope must be abandoned before it can be salvaged,’ we wrote at the time of our launch in 2015. Now that it appears hope is to be so salvaged – cautiously, urgently, warily, exuberantly – we are embarking on a modest relaunch, a consolidation of our operations, online and in print.

We have this week published Salvage #7: Towards the Proletarocene, our Autumn/Winter issue of 2019. This is our relaunch issue, and the first to appear according to our new bi-annual schedule. 

Our previous issues have all included a pamphlet entitled ‘Perspectives’, outlining various national and international phenomena and forces we consider particularly salient at time of publication, and the position of the Salvage Editorial Collective thereto. In future issues we intend to return to this practice. But for this relaunch issue, in place of our synoptic overview, we offer a special, extended in-depth editorial essay. This piece, ‘The Tragedy of the Worker: Towards the Proletarocene’, opens the issue itself.

Future issues will, of course, include the familiar elements: essays, visual art, poetry and fiction, as well as the perspectives – and a postcard. The journal may continue to vary somewhat in length, but the quality of its contents will be constant.

We are also excited to announce the launch this, of our newly revamped website. Subscriptions are now available directly through this website, where readers can also log in to amend subscription details, get early access to our recently inaugurated monthly online editorial essays, and download PDFs of all our back issues. Essays from the print edition will continue to be posted online in the weeks after their print publication, as will online-exclusive content. Fiction, poetry and visual art will remain exclusive to the print edition. 

The subscription rates are £25 per year for two issues for UK readers, and  £30 per year for those elsewhere. All subscription prices include postage.

If you would like to support Salvage financially, and are able to help us grow, you can sign up for a ‘Comrade’ subscription for £10 a month or £50 per year.

If you really want to support us – and if you can afford to be generous – you can sign up for a ‘Solidarity’ subscription, at £20 a month or £100 per year. And as an inadequate if heartfelt token of our gratitude, we will send you a Salvage Christmas card. 

We are glad to announce new distribution networks in both North America and the UK and Europe, which means you should see us in all good bookshops. If Salvage is not in your favourite bookshop, please ask them to order it! In the UK and Europe, we are distributed by Central Books, and in North America, by Penguin Random House.

This relaunch is possible only because of the generosity of those who have supported us online, at It will remain possible to support us there, but in this, our new phase, we would be particularly grateful to those who can if you support us via our own website, not least so as to deny Silicon Valley their slice. 

We extend thanks and solidarity to all our readers, and the promise of shared worthwhile work to come.

          – Salvage Editorial Collective, 

         October 2019