The Tragedy of the Worker: Towards the Proletarocene

Life exists in Vernadskian space. A globe, twenty-five kilometres deep, from the oceanic abyss to the outer limit of the troposphere. A biosphere, to the destruction of which, humanity is witness, and of which, perpetrator.

Losing the North

Just how serious is Labour’s problem in the North of England? As Lewis Baston points out, the journalistic cliche of the ‘red wall’ that developed over the last few weeks is highly misleading. The myth resonates because it stems from a partial...

The Flatness of Blackness: Afro-Pessimism and the Erasure of Anti-Colonial Thought

The use of the term ‘Afro-pessimism’ is symptomatic of the historical ignorance of the Afro-pessimist™ (or what Greg Thomas has recently called Afro-pessimism 2.0), whose grasp of African history is about as solid as that of Hegel.

The ‘Anti-Semitism, Zionism and the Left’ Panel: Listen to Salvage at Historical Materialism 2019

  We launched our seventh issue of Salvage: Towards the Proletarocene and the Historical Materialism 2019 conference in London. On the first panel, already released in audio here, three members of the Salvage editorial collective talked about...

‘It’s in the Air, It’s in Your Bones’: Notes on an Aftermath

It is possible that this would always, no matter what Brexit position was taken, when and how, have been the death knell of the parliamentary road to survival. 


Towards the Proletarocene


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Online Exclusives

Open letter to the picket-line crossers

Open letter to the picket-line crossers

Dear colleague, Over the past few weeks of the UCU strike to defend pensions, you have repeatedly crossed picket lines of lecturers and students from your institution. Many of us have asked you to support an action aimed at preventing the imposition of pension poverty...

Guilt and the Left

Guilt and the Left

"Use every man after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping?" — Hamlet   For as long as I have been a part of the Left, for most activists there has been a tacit subjective injunction at various times to feel guilty about various things: the fact that some...

What happened to the workers’ movement?

What happened to the workers’ movement?

Too often people on the radical left find ourselves thinking with concepts we've inherited from the past that have become misleading because the realities to which the concepts refer have changed fundamentally. This happens a lot when we talk about the workers'...

From the Archive

Monster Terrorist F(l)ag

Monster Terrorist F(l)ag

In early October, the Egyptian regime arrested fifty-seven people on charges of “debauchery,” ‘inciting sexual deviancy’ and ‘joining an outlawed group’ as part of a continuing security crackdown on Egypt’s LGBTQ community, which now includes ten to fifteen years in...

The Plague of ‘Whiteness’

The Plague of ‘Whiteness’

“As long as you think you’re white,” James Baldwin said, “there’s no hope for you.” And if this seems counterintuitive — as though one might think white people are the only people with hope — he went on to say: “Insofar as you think you’re white, you’re irrelevant. We...

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