#2: Awaiting the Furies

Art by Michelle Farran and Joan Banach
Poetry by Rafeef Ziadah, Caitlín Doherty and Franco Fortini
Fiction by Nick Mamatas

Perspectives #2: Awaiting the Furies
by the Salvage Editorial Collective
Corbyn; borders; wars; orders; slowdowns and showdowns. Whither Salvage? Wither? Salvage?

On Social Sadism
by China Miéville
Essence, excrescence and the politics of neoliberal cruelty.

Salvaging Situationism: Race and Space
by Andrea Gibbons
On colonialism, culpability and comrades. A dérive in honour of a dérive interrupted.

Trans/War Boy/Gender: the Primitive Accumulation of T
by Jordy Rosenberg
A crackling heat of hormones and horror and hospitals and the hanged. This War Rig leaves the binary in its dust.

Some Final Words on Pessimism
by Rosie Warren
If you know how you feel about what you see before you look, you are not looking.

Hedge Funds, Hype and Hindu Fascism: Modi Visits His Mother Country
by Kalpana Wilson
The internationalism of supremacist spite.

The Ljubljana School of Radicalism: An Interview
by Richard Seymour
The startling opportunities and travails of potential power in Slovenia.

Is an Injury to One an Injury to All? Some Critical Thoughts on Trade-Union Internationalism Today
by Katy Fox-Hodess
From call to cliché, and how to make it count again. The bureaucratisation of solidarity and its discontents.

12 Theses on Astrology
by Sam Kriss
Find out what’s in the stars for you in this month’s super soaraway Salvage!

Doykayt: Yiddishland for All
by Sai Englert
The antinomies of identity in a scourged history. The diaspora, the colonial-settler state and radical here-ness.

Extract from Revolutionary Yiddishland
by Alain Brossat and Sylvie Klingberg
Testimonials of resistance.


From Issue 2

Hedge-funds, Hype and Hindu Fascism

Hedge-funds, Hype and Hindu Fascism

Sajida recognised many of the men who came to her house that night and beat her father Akhlaq to death with the bricks that they found under his bed. It was already past ten when the 200-strong lynch mob of young men – her Hindu neighbours – forced its way into the...