#1: Amid This Stony Rubbish  

Art by Laura Oldfield Ford, Karen Mirza and Season Butler
Poetry by Franco Fortini, Kunle Wizeman Ajayi and Caitlín Doherty
Fiction by Mark Bould

Perspectives #1: Amid This Stony Rubbish
by the Salvage Editorial Collective
On the fallacies of hope; skip-diving as heuristic; the need for earned pessimism; and on salvage.

Don’t Mourn, Accelerate
by Jamie Allinson
Radical theory feels the need for speed. Fad? Frippery? Or fillip? Communism, like the epoch, gets fast and furious.

Marxism for Whores
by Magpie Corvid
Hacking through exoticism, shaming and disavowed fascination with a Marx-shaped machete.

Communism Without Guarantees: On Franco Fortini
by Alberto Toscano
A Reclamation of and (re-)introduction to the scandalously neglected expounder of a salvage-Marxism avant la letter.

by Franco Fortini
On fidelity with melancholy and without illusions.

Bring Back Fanon
by Franco Fortini
In respect, with disputational marginalia, and in gratitude.

To Be Young in a Time of Crisis
by Kevin Ovenden
In the brutalised and storied Greek nation, with tragedy in surplus, every particular death can be an optic into the crisis.

From Ferguson to #BlackLivesMatter
by Trish Kahle
Updates from the frontiers of grief and unfolding rage, as the streets challenge a police methodology of racialised murder.

Neoliberalism as the Agent of Capitalist Self-Destruction
by Neil Davidson
What happens when strategies for management become autophagous? If the rich ruin the predicates of their richness?

Wish We Were Here: A Melancholy Postcard
by Joana Ramiro
Snapshots from a visit to Greece, frozen frames from the early days of an embattled rebellion.

Against the Anthropocene
by Daniel Hartley
On epochs, agency, accumulation, ideology, industrialism, agriculture, and the necessary indifference to catastrophe.

They’re Not Racist But: UKIP and the Crisis of Britain
by Richard Seymour
Towards a genealogy and analysis of a loathsome British symptom, and on the shrewdness of faux dissidents and hard-right ‘clowns’.

Re-asking the Housing Question
by Mary Robertson
Bricks and mortar after Engels, the assetisation of the home, commodified shelter, bubbles and trouble and class struggle.

The Limits of Utopia
by China Miéville
Bad Hope as the enemy of revolt, in an era of too much, as well as too little, utopia; too much apocalypse; too much their crossbreed.

Building a Sex Workers’ Trade Union: Challenges and Perspectives
by Morgane Merteuil
The grind of unionisation in a sector at the sharp end of not only mainstream, but of too much left and ‘feminist’ spite.  

Dancing on the Grave: Salvage, The Walking Dead and the End of Days
by Nicholas Beuret and Gareth Brown
A digging and sifting in the boneyards and junkyards of culture, to find out where we are. There will be shambling and decay.

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow: Indian Fascism Now
by Pablo Mukherjee
In a moribund politics, ruins may be that which is most alive. Against the fantasies of reaction, a submerged history of water.

From Issue 1

Don’t Mourn, Accelerate

Don’t Mourn, Accelerate

Among the more popular tropes of science fiction is the skewed timeline hypothesis. The protagonist – most famously in the story ‘The Sound of Thunder’ by Ray Bradbury – unwittingly alters the reality with which the story began, creating an alternate and usually worse...

Re-asking the Housing Question 

Re-asking the Housing Question 

by Mary Robertson Chronic under-supply, crippling unaffordability, and – for the first time in a century – deteriorating physical conditions, are pushing housing to the forefront of political and economic debate in Britain. It is an indication of its breadth and...

Marxism for Whores

Marxism for Whores

My story is the same as many thousands of people who have found themselves unable to find steady, decently paid work.  Our story is about austerity; we are everywhere, subsisting on meagre benefits, part-time work and a few occasional jobs. Some of us go into business...

The Limits of Utopia

The Limits of Utopia

Dystopias infect official reports. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) demands a shift in our emissions by a third to avoid utter disaster. KPMG, in the leaden chattiness of corporate powerpoint-ese, sees the same horizon. NASA part-funds a report...