#9: That Hideous Strength

Perspectives 9: That Hideous Strength
by Salvage Editorial Collective
Here then is where we are. Amid pestilence and decline and decline-disavowal, in the early days of a new dispensation.

Stand Back
by Tessa McWatt
We who live owe the dead a debt, to keep them unquiet, not to let an instant’s peace descend on the plantation. Light it up. 

Extract from Daddy Poem
by Helen Charman 
Poem. From Daddy Poem (2019), published by Spam Zine.

Selected Works        
by Stephanie Monohan

Acting as if One if Already Free: David Graeber’s Political Economy and the Strategic Impasse of the Left
by James Meadway 
Out of radical grief might come reflection. Honouring the lost by learning a lesson, by seeing beyond the horizon of the state. 

Extract from Daddy Poem
by Helen Charman
Poem. From Daddy Poem (2019), published by Spam Zine.

On Natural and Femme Excess
by Judy Thorne
What and who would we be to accept enough? What will do will never do, and too much should be a minimum.

Great Griefs: Notes on the US Election
by Benjamin Kunkel
Bidenfreude: relief absent the slightest joy. How better to make use of it than to consider what the fuck happened? 

Jewophobia Now 
by Barnaby Raine
Continuing the debate on antisemitism, its parameters, affinities and deployment, and those of distinct oppositions thereto.

Extract from Worry Work
by Helen Charman 
Poem. From Worry Work (2020), published by Earthbound Press. 

So Much for Radical Pedagogy: In Conversation with Helen Charman
Helen Charman & Caitlín Doherty 
Radical difficulty, the political power of necessary embarrassment, working-class life, dignity and poetry.

The Anarchist in the Network
by Ben Davis
How do we solve a problem like the online? What is that problem? What are the politics of the problem of the actually-existing digital?

Destroying the Means of Planetary Destruction: In Conversation with Andreas Malm
by Andreas Malm & Richard Seymour
In urgent times comes the urgent necessity of new hedonism, and of inflicting losses on our enemies, of revelling in certain fires. 

Extract from In the Pleasure Dairy
by Helen Charman
Poem. From In the Pleasure Dairy (2020), published by Sad Press.

Scotland After Covid-19
by James Foley
On relative merits of relative ruling-class competence to the north.

Extract from In the Pleasure Dairy
by Helen Charman
Poem. From In the Pleasure Dairy (2020), published by Sad Press.

Uncanny Valleys: Notes on the Future of Los Angeles
by Alexander Billet
It happened, and it happened here.

The Lycanthropes
by Davinia Hamilton

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