#8: Comrades, This is Madness

The Salvage Editorial Collective on the Covid-19 crisis

‘Mothering Against the World’: Sophie Lewis on ‘Momrades’

‘The Bushes’: new fiction from China Miéville 

‘Hookers and Other Angels’: photography from Juno Mac

‘Prepared for the Worst’: Richard Seymour on Disaster Nationalism

‘Welfare State Populism and the “Left-Behind Left”’ by Kevin Ochieng Okoth

‘A Glimmer of a Shell of a Husk’ by Maya Osborne 

‘The Phallic Road to Socialism’ by Sebastian Budgen

A newly translated interview with Daniel Guérin

‘Nationalism After Coronavirus’ by Sivamohan Valluvan 

‘Striking in Striking Times: Capitalism’s Coronavirus Crisis’ by Gregor Gall 

‘Getting Dressed for a Pandemic’ by Camila Valle

‘Out of the Iron Lung: A Miasma Theory of Coronavirus’ by Matthew Broomfield

And poetry by Nisha Ramayya, this issue’s featured poet, and an interview with her conducted by Salvage poetry editor, Caitlín Doherty.

Plus the return of the Salvage Editorial Collective perspectives pamphlet, and a postcard.

From Issue 8

Out of the Iron Lung:  A Miasma Theory of Coronavirus

Out of the Iron Lung: A Miasma Theory of Coronavirus

The following piece first appeared in print in Salvage #8: Comrades, This is Madness, our latest issue. Issue 8 is available to buy individually here. Our poetry, fiction and art remains exclusive to the print edition, and our subscribers have exclusive access to some...

Nationalism After Coronavirus

Nationalism After Coronavirus

The realities of global exposure and interdependency should accelerate the case for democratically credible, post-imperial structures of global coordination and an attendant ethos of radical internationalism. Alas, amidst the seemingly naïve utopianism of any such corrective, we see instead nationalism readying itself to claim the void.