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Trump’s Airport Kingdom

by Sam Kriss Like everyone else, I went to America for Trump’s inauguration. The whole vast European media establishment has its quadrennial migratory stampede, rushing over to the marshy grazing-grounds between the Susquehanna and the Potomac, to watch the great empire pretend to be very proud of itself as it ceremoniously shits its pants. Colour: bright orange; a firm 6 on the Meyers Scale. But the ceremony alone is never enough. Something about America sets people digging underneath. You plunge speeding into the murky hinterland, planting the photogenically indigent in front of your GoPro to hear the land itself

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by Sam Kriss Americans are afraid of Benghazi. The name, just by itself, sounds out an organised assault on Western values. BEN, the comforting tonal balance of a just and ordered world; Ben Johnson, Ben Franklin, Ben Kenobi. The sudden jolt of GHA, a descent into chaos, its throaty foreign consonant, its vowel trailing away into nothingness like a scream in a raging sandstorm. Finally ZI, total madness. Interstellar incoherence, the scrapyard of broken lines at the distant tail-end of the alphabet, cuneiforms leaking a viscous significance from the fractures in their exoskeletons. BENGHAZI. A horror story in three

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12 Theses on the Theory of Astrology

by Sam Kriss ARIES (March 21-April 20) Things are looking better for you, Aries, but you’re not out of the woods yet. Saturn, the star of melancholy, paralysis, and ill health, is in transit across your ninth house, where it will remain until December 2017. While the long stretch of involuntary abstinence and familial disintegration that dominated the period from mid-June to late September is coming to a close, with this shift new problems may emerge. Now is a good time to start a new relationship, although it will quickly become tedious. Saturn rules your career sector; under this

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