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The Political Is Political: In Conversation With Yasmin Nair

by Rosie Warren ‘In a world of left-wing discourse that has become enamored with a kind of shit-eating tween preciousness’, writes Fredrik Deboer, ‘Yasmin Nair’s voice is serious without being dour, and playful without being cute. Her writing is invested with quiet, unfussy power.’ She is someone who ‘absolutely will not tolerate getting hip checked by some adolescent from the Twin Cities area who looked up intersectionality on Dictionary.com last week and now has “bell hooks gif ” in her search terms.’ High praise. One of Nair’s blog pieces caught my attention; a short, playful, razor-sharp piece about the

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Some Last Words on Pessimism

 by Rosie Warren Is it pessimism to diagnose cancer as cancer? Thomas Merton We’re not diagnosing cancer because we’re pessimistic – we’re pessimistic because our diagnosis is that this is cancer. Not necessarily terminal – but no cure for cancer comes easily, if at all, and it is incurable if you treat it as if it were a cold.