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Our feral, lying, good-for-nothing media

by Richard Seymour This is an extended version of a blog originally published on Lenin’s Tomb You don’t see the consensus in all of its suffocating conformity until someone challenges it. If you want to know what the consensus is made of, just look at what the media considers a gaffe. Corbyn, a republican, doesn’t sing the royalist national anthem. Gaffe. Corbyn, a socialist, appointed a hard-left socialist as shadow chancellor. Gaffe. Corbyn refused to answer journalists’ questions. Ultra-gaffe. That’s just rude. From the Guardian to the Express, from the New Statesman’s craven toeing of the Blairite line to

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Labour, Pasokified.

by Richard Seymour We were exhorted by Labour’s supporters to ‘vote with hope’ in this election. What now that hope has been so cruelly dashed? What now that neither the ‘Edstone’, nor ‘Milibae’, nor pink buses for women, nor condescending to Scottish voters has been enough to deliver victory?