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Living With Daesh

by Richard Seymour What is your solution, then? Or, to put it another way, what if there is no solution to the Daesh massacres? There was a moment, in the declension of the late Hitchens, when he scandalised his audience by suggesting that they were too soft, too susceptible, too easily impressed by jihadist massacres.  You should expect this, he said.  A hospital, an airplane, a government building, once a week at least.  This is war.  This is what you are signed up to.  Get ready for it.  And — implicitly — don’t feel so damned sorry for yourselves.

They’re not racist, but: UKIP and the crisis of Britain

by Richard Seymour And that will be England gone, The shadows, the meadows, the lanes, The guildhalls, the carved choirs. – Philip Larkin The British crisis has a human form. A shabby, caecilian smile. The rorty bray of an arriviste thug. The exasperated air of a lone trader fighting the Inland Revenue for every last penny. Some rehearsed off-the-cuff witticisms alleviating a tense sales patter. There is just something about Nigel, once a forgettable clown, that is now luridly compelling.

Our feral, lying, good-for-nothing media

by Richard Seymour This is an extended version of a blog originally published on Lenin’s Tomb You don’t see the consensus in all of its suffocating conformity until someone challenges it. If you want to know what the consensus is made of, just look at what the media considers a gaffe. Corbyn, a republican, doesn’t sing the royalist national anthem. Gaffe. Corbyn, a socialist, appointed a hard-left socialist as shadow chancellor. Gaffe. Corbyn refused to answer journalists’ questions. Ultra-gaffe. That’s just rude. From the Guardian to the Express, from the New Statesman’s craven toeing of the Blairite line to

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Labour, Pasokified.

by Richard Seymour We were exhorted by Labour’s supporters to ‘vote with hope’ in this election. What now that hope has been so cruelly dashed? What now that neither the ‘Edstone’, nor ‘Milibae’, nor pink buses for women, nor condescending to Scottish voters has been enough to deliver victory?