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Must hipsters die? Class and the middle-class metropolis.

by Lewis Bassett. Society as a whole is more and more dividing into two hostile camps, into two classes directly facing each other — the rentier and the renter. Three decades of neoliberalism has transformed simple property ownership, housing in particular, into a primary variable of material status. Yet as severe as this objective distinction has become, the spectre haunting the capital today is not one of class conflict but the spectre of flat-whites and Aperol Spritz.

London’s Overthrow – a New Introduction

by China Miéville. 2012’s essay London’s Overthrow, a diagnostic snapshot of the city between riots and Olympics, has had various incarnations – in a magazine, online, in print. And now it is available in French from Pocket, along with a new introduction for French readers. With our thanks to the publishers for their permission, here we reproduce that introduction in English. This is a peculiar political moment, feeling by abrupt turn deadened and static, increasingly apocalyptic, and unexpectedly, wrenchingly generative of Sehnsucht, all in lurching rhythmless rhythm. It’s an indication of this unpredictability that scant weeks after they were

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