A Place to Call Home

by Andrea Gibbons A place to call home. A simple thing. Labour once had a vision that there should be housing for everyone, though what makes a home is perhaps not so simple. As Kim Dovey writes, home is deeply intertwined with our identity. It centres the relationship between ourselves and the earth, centres our connection to community and culture and society, to our past with its memories, and to our ability to grow into our full potential with the power to define our future. A home should be a place of strength and safety. A home should not

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Country for Old Men

by David Broder   Does Italy’s crisis owe to mummy’s boys too attached to the apron strings? Does it need a new Blair, a Macron, or just to ‘clear them all out’? Is Berlusconi going to make one last comeback? Are the Five Star Movement going to come to power? This and more.  

David Broder

David Broder is an historian and translator writing a book on the crisis of Italian democracy.

Give Us Peace: On the Scottish Conservatives

by Rory Scothorne They make a desert and call it peace —Calgacus In 1968, a few months after Winnie Ewing’s shock victory for the SNP in a by-election to the hitherto safe Labour seat of Hamilton, Tom Nairn sought to get to grips with Scottish nationalism in the pages of the New Left Review. The Scottish National Party did not come off well. They were, he wrote, ‘lumpen-provincials whose parochialism finds its adequate expression in the asinine idea that a bourgeois parliament and an army will rescue the country from provincialism; as if half of Europe did not testify

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Rory Scothorne

Rory Scothorne is a co-founder and political editor of National Collective. He studies History and Politics at Edinburgh University.

Absolute: On the British General Election

by The Editors ‘Obedience to the force of gravity. The greatest sin.’ — Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace ‘Things can only get better. Can only get better, if we see it through.’ — D:ream An uncharacteristically subdued President Trump described the result of Britain’s snap general election of 8 June as ‘surprising’. The Guardian went further, calling it a ‘shock result’. The redoubtable Jon Snow for Channel 4 News was closer to the mark, that this was ‘one of the most remarkable election results in modern British History’. This was astonishing, staggering, extraordinary.

Bethany Fine

Bethany Fine is a poet living in North Georgia. She has also been published in Folk Horror Revival and OMNI Magazine.

Terese Svoboda

Terese Svoboda published When The Next Big War Blows Down the Valley: Selected and New Poems in November 2015, Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet in February 2016, and Professor Harriman’s Steam Air-Ship (poems) in September 2016, with Eyewear. Ravenna Press published Live Sacrifice (stories) in 2017.

Verity Spott

Verity Spott is a poet, musician and support worker based in Brighton. Verity’s books include Gideon (Barque Press), Balconette (Veer Books) and the forthcoming Poems (co-authored with Timothy Thornton, Face Press). Verity plays in the musical projects In Threads, Binnsclagg, and Four Manatees. Verity is a member of Wolf Kid Theatre.

Scrap Princess

is a mess A seething malcontention at the end of the world I’ve made opera, play, stage, and mask Made it mine(d) by/with drawing A lot of monsters a lot of noise Self taught, more self fought though I like to make garbage alive Her work can be found at kludgewitch.blogspot.co.nz