The Struggle for Labour – An Invitation to Comrades

by the Editors


The Labour party, the British labour movement, and the radical Left stands – if we may abuse a cliché for the sake of accurate description – at a crossroads. The Parliamentary Labour Party’s attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn, as treacherous as it has been cack-handed, represents an old politics: the politics of triangulation, vacuity and insulation from democracy. In other words, the coup-makers and their media supporters belong to that post-Cold War order, the representative and mediating structures of which are collapsing with bloody alacrity. They are the void made flesh. They have no answers for the coming and extant ruins.

Corbyn, or the renewed and redoubled movement to keep him as leader of a new type of party-movement, just might. Jeremy Corbyn means more than Jeremy Corbyn.

Salvage supports Corbyn for Labour leader, wholeheartedly and without restraint. Not to do so, to flinch from the inevitable attacks by the media of the 1 per cent, to pettifog on matters of personal appearance or rhetorical tone, is to find the wrong side of history and jump two-footed onto it.

To make our support concrete, we offer this blog as a forum – amongst others, of course – for a dedicated stream of ongoing debate and information about how to ensure Corbyn wins his campaign, and, perhaps more importantly, what to do afterwards.

We invite:

  • debate pieces and responses on strategy for the leadership election and beyond
  • information pieces about events, regulations or opposing tactics that activists might need to know, including motions to pass through union branches or CLPs
  • rebuttals to the smears against Corbyn and his supporters
  • economic and policy proposals for the future – what should Corbyn’s priorities be? What might a winning Corbynist general election programme look like? What should Corbynomics focus on, and how?
  • pieces attempting to analyse the context of Corbyn’s politics – and successes – including but not limited to: open borders and the ‘migrant crisis’, Brexit, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and a possible ‘progressive alliance’, the collapse of the far-left, Trade-Union strategy, Proportional Representation, the media (including the decline of print, media strategy, social media and digital innovations)

We invite comrades to submit abstracts of such articles to

with the subject heading Salvage for Corbyn.

Please note: We are explicitly looking for contributions from those who want Corbyn and his supporters to succeed in their emancipatory aims. While we welcome thoughtful, comradely critical commentary on that basis and as part of that project, we do not consider the vast bulk of au courant criticisms of Corbyn’s record as leader to be neutral, let alone constructive, interventions at the present time: if you think the world needs a piece about why Corbyn/his supporters are ultimately wrong, foolish, tragically historically misplaced and/or doomed, or simply not as wise as you, please consider writing for the Guardian instead.

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