Salvage #4 is almost here!

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve almost finished putting together Salvage #4.

To be among the first to receive Issue #4 you can pre-order your copy from our webstore now by clicking here.

Or, to save money on every issue and to be guaranteed to get it before anyone else you can take out a one-year subscription here for £36/$56/€51 – that’s just £9 per issue!

In Salvage Issue #4 you’ll find

Celebrity Apprentice: Notes on the US Elections by Benjamin Kunkel

The Walls of the Tank: On Palestinian Resistance by Andreas Malm

SERF n TERF: Notes on Some Bad Materialisms by Sophie Lewis

Disaster Islamism by Jamie Allinson

None Shall Pass: Trans, and the Rewriting of the Body by Richard Seymour

Louise Michel & The Kanak by Carolyn Eichner

Poetry from Bridget Minamore and Caitlin Doherty

Art from Rupa DasGupta

and more..

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