Trish Kahle

Trish Kahle is a freelance journalist and is working toward a PhD in History at the University of Chicago. Her work focuses on labour, energy, environmental politics, and social movements, and regularly appears in publications such as Jacobin, Dissent, In These Times, Socialist Worker (US), and The International Socialist Review. In addition to her regular beats, she also reported from on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland during the recent rebellions against racism and police terror. She can be reached at

    From Ferguson to #BlackLivesMatter

    by Trish Kahle


    Before the streets erupt, they seethe.

    On an unseasonably warm late December day in 2014, I woke up to the news that just a few miles from my apartment, the police had killed again. On Christmas Day, Terrence Gilbert sat on his porch contemplating suicide. Someone called the police for help, and instead of helping, they shot the twenty-five-year-old twice in the abdomen, killing him.1