Shabane Barot

Shabane Barot lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is a M.D. training to specialize in Medical Oncology. She is also member of the editoral board of Fronesis, a Swedish journal addressing political theory, and active in the radical Left, mainly within the network Allt åt alla. She is interested in and has written on Marxist theory and sexual politics.

    The New Swedish Fascism: An Introduction

    by Shabane Barot


    ‘I think we have the potential to become the largest party,’ Sweden Democrats’ party secretary Richard Jomshof tells a Swedish news agency in December 2015. His comments follow the results of poll that the Sweden Democrats (SD), a party that emerged from the Neo-Nazi movement of the eighties, have the support of 20 per cent of voters. This makes them the third largest party in the country – the largest among male voters. ‘I am absolutely convinced that the party has benefited from the situation that has arisen in recent months, even if we do not acknowledge the situation,’ Jomshof continues, referring to the refugee crisis.