Kyle Geraghty

Kyle Geraghty researches China and Commodity Chains for his PhD in Global Political Economy at Bristol. He writes intermittently on various topics at and attempts to maintain a passably professional twitter at @theoryashistory.

    Class and Brexit: Or, Why We Should Stop Worrying About the Working Class and Focus on Capitalism

    by Kyle Geraghty

    In the aftermath of the shock Brexit result, discussions on its causes and consequences have been frankly bizarre. So far, the have focused on bygone folk stories about sovereignty, migration, and globalisation, disconnected from any wider understanding of capitalism or history. There also seems to be no clear solution to the monumental fuck-up that has resulted from the absence of any clear plan for leaving the European Union which works, alongside our political system which is incapable of handling a depressingly English form of parliamentary populism. In this piece I want to try to untangle some of the causes and consequences of Brexit, and reflect on two key points; who actually voted for it and why; and what Europe actually is, and what its relationship to capitalism is.